There are ways to get things done, and there are better ways to get things done. When it comes to promoting your content through Facebook advertising, you have to know both the ins and outs of the advertising platform in order to generate more leads, and at the same time, get value for your money. Let’s look at the best ways to use Facebook Ads to promote content.

Things to Note

If you have a Facebook Business Page, you have probably seen the little button suggesting that you boost your content, right?

Well, never touch it, regardless of how you’re tempted to. Even though Facebook allows you to advertise content with just two clicks using that button, considering how confusing Facebook advertising can be, it may seem like a quick win to you.  But I promise it’s not the best use of your money.

Instead, promote your content in the Ad Manager. It may take a few extra minutes, but it’ll give you more control over who sees your ad, and the cost-effectiveness of your spending. You can achieve this by following the below steps.


  1. Go to the drop-down menu in the top right corner of your Page and look for Create Ads.
  2. Pick the objective of your campaign. This should depend on the ideal action you want people to take when they see your post.
  3. If you promote blog content, for instance, you should choose the optimize for traffic.
  4. Thereafter, pick the location, age group, and gender you want to advertise to.
  5. Then, use Detailed Targeting to specify Pages they’ve liked, interests, or even what company they work for. This is a great idea for B2B advertisers.
  6. After that, set your budget, whether that’s a daily budget or the maximum spent for the ad.
  7. Finally, flip over to the Use Existing Post tab. There you can choose the content you’ve already published, place your order, and you’re done.

Word to the wise, not every content is worth your money. Look to the “Posts” tab in Page Insights, to see which are already receiving above-average engagement from your fans. Those are great candidates to boost your budget.

As you get the hang of Facebook advertising, you’ll begin to understand which content works well for paid. Plus, always try to plan the featured images of those posts ahead of time. However, have it at the palm of your hands that you won’t be able to promote any picture that has more than 20% text.

Even though Facebook is making it harder and harder for Pages to have their content seen in the News Feed, don’t be discouraged, and don’t let them tempt you into pressing that boost button. Promote your post the right way and always keep your goal in mind.

Overall, if you want to promote content on Facebook, and get the best out of this content promotion on Facebook, advertising through business. Facebook Ads Manager is far more productive than having to boost your content using the “boost post” quick fix method. Remember, quick fixes equal quick doom, so always follow the right process for optimization.