It is a type of email that is automatically sent to a single recipient by your website or your online e-commerce store. It is sent when a specific action is performed by the user or if it results from a transaction. For example, if a user has reset his password or made a purchase from your e-commerce store, you can send an automatic email to him notifying him of the event.

Here are some examples of transactional emails sent by your website automatically:

  • Password reset emails.
  • Notification emails such as product shipping information, delivery details, etc.
  • Order or purchase confirmation.
  • Subscription confirmation.

How Are Transactional Emails Different from Marketing Emails?

The main difference between a transactional email and a marketing email lies in the fact that it is sent after you act or being triggered by a transaction on any website. Other than that, marketing emails are sent to several recipients or the whole mailing list. However, a transactional email is only sent to a specific recipient who has made a transaction.

Transactional emails are purposeful. It means that they serve a purpose that’s important for your business operations.

Although marketing emails are important for growing your business but the absence of transactional emails can affect your business.

How to Use and Set Up a Transactional Email?

Transactional emails are sent to the recipients as per the simple mail transfer protocol or otherwise known as SMTP in short. It is an internet protocol used for transmitting or sending emails over the internet. They require a distinctive solution to ensure the service’s delivery and reliability.

Opt for a Reliable and Dedicated SMTP Solution

The best way to use transactional emails for your business is to contact a reputable and renowned transactional email provider.

Even though most of the e-commerce CMS provides default transactional email solutions such as woo-commerce, Magento, Prestashop, etc, these solutions are generic and won’t be customized as per your business or website. However, some dedication transactional email solutions offer you specialized tools such as:

Real-time analytics tools so that you can follow the engagement and deliverability of your emails to recipients.

Personalization options so that you can customize your templates for better design, branding and user experience.

Advanced tools to ensure optimal delivery of your emails and messages to your potential customers.

How to Set Up a Transactional Email Using a Dedicated Service Provider

Using and setting up a transactional email is simple. All you have to do is use a plugin that connects your CMS with your dedicated service provider. After that, configure your SMPTP settings manually through your dedicated service provider. Finally, use your provider’s API and be ready to send your first transactional email.

Final Thoughts

Transactional emails are as important as your marketing emails. To make them more engaging, appealing and of interest, you can even customize templates with the brand’s logo, design, and colors.