In B2B sales the sales person needs to be highly motivated and enthusiastic to sustain amidst the cut-throat competition. Being the sales leader it is your job to inspire your inside team for successful sales management. Keeping your teammate focused on the job is really essential. If you are a team lead and looking for the five tips to increase your inside sales then follow the below mentioned points:

Optimal Use of Social Media

Social selling being the present trend social media playsa crucial role in sales and marketing. LinkedIn and twitter are two sites that help in B2B prospecting by allowing you to know and get engage with CEO, CIO and CTOs. Through LinkedIn you can in touch with varied professionals who want industry advice from groups and networks. So, join as many groups as possible as per your industry and observe the discussion. You can also comment to promote your products and services. Through twitter you can fetch real-time data on prospects those are eagerly looking for solutions. Observe the recent hashtags and terms that are relevant to your business. Make a twitter list of your competition and customers to easily monitor what they are saying. So, you need to be updated what’s going on Twitter and LinkedIn as you never know when somebody tweets something of interest to you.

Use of Analytics

Don’t wait for the month end to analyze the inside sales performance. Instead, make use of the real-time analytics to examine performance and establish a process that provides salespeople daily actionable insights based on hard numbers. While you implement real-time analytics it speeds up the whole process of prospecting.


Addressing someone by his/her own name shows your leaning for the person. When you make a call to the CEO, you should know the name of the person on the other end. While mentioning him by name you show your gratitude and this makes a difference. You can also utilize any information collected to personalize your email to make the subject line attractive so that the prospect opens the mail and give you a favorable response.

Work Smart, not hard

Many times it has been seen that inside sales representatives begin their morning by going through their appointed tasks and start calling as per the prospect list. However, it is best to schedule each call as per the varied time zones and geographical locations. Another tip to work smart is if you are continually rejected by an admin, then try calling him before or after office hour.

Make Use of VoiceMails

As per infographic 80% of sales calls go to voicemails and 15% of sales representatives spend time leaving messages. So, it is time to implement pre-recorded voicemails. It will allow salesman to engage in crafting innovative sales messages while saving time of leaving messages for voicemails.

Apart from these above tricks there are sales acceleration tools which help in sales management by making prospecting an easy affair. So, employ all these techniques in your b2b sales and lift up sales management to a new height by increasing innumerous inside sales for maximum profit.