Those days are gone when the lead generation was done by red banners and data collection by signing up forms. Customers today are very smart and they know very well that what they need and they have high expectations from the brand. Nowadays the lead generation is not only increasing the sales numbers, but it is more of a connection with the audience and our brand.

Email Campaigns and Newsletters – Sending email newsletters can be a very creative way to lead generation and marketing. Sending emails, and newsletters, is a very beneficial way for marketing, as it directly enters the customer’s inbox. They are easier to send and the customer can click the links of the newsletter for more information. They could be guided to the company website for more detailed information about the product. The cost involved in creating a newsletter or email campaign is less than other marketing campaigns. Also very important part of the email and newsletters in the content. Appropriate and effective content can lessen the task of the sales team. Create good quality content and come up with a list of customers. The result will be a quality and loyal customers.

Contests and free gifts – Giving free stuff can be a great way of attracting people towards the brand. People also love to take part in the contest and win different free gifts. Different contests can be a fun way to engage the audience. This can add to a large customer base.

Workshops – In addition to the freebies, one can provide with some workshops that the customer can attend. The customer can show some interest in the product due to these events. Free workshops or classes can be organized for customers so that you can get some prospective leads and it can be a very smart solution for getting a large database in one place.

Direct email – Direct emails can be sent to the clients which are your business leads or forthcoming customers. These direct mails can include the brochures, business cards or your advertising campaigns. Emails are the most important part of the digital marketing nowadays and are used to gain speedy and effective results. This can be teamed up with rich content that are the driving forces behind the most successful marketing strategies.

Memes – Many people don’t know what is a meme? A meme is a small idea or a statement that becomes so popular on the internet. These memes can be taken in the form of video, images or advertising jingles. One can be very creative while designing memes. These memes can be a very good form of lead generation, but they should have the link of the product or the message about the product should be clear in the meme. For example download, or sign up for the newsletter.

There are different creative lead generation techniques that have worked for you, so just go ahead and use them. Think smart. These strategies should have a perfect combination of content to go along with the product and success will be surely yours.