Running a small business is no easy feat. As an SMB, you must calculate your every move: you can’t take big risks, and neither can you invest heavily. However, running an SMB can be very rewarding, provided your execution is good.

Excellent SMB Social Media Marketing Ideas

Here are a few social media marketing ideas that, if executed properly, could propel your SMB in the right direction:

  1. Hosting an AMA

    It is the basic human desire to want to gather knowledge. Hosting an AMA is a very cheap and effective option if you want to market socially. Some of the most popular platforms to host AMAs on our Reddit, Facebook, and LinkedIn. AMAs are easy to implement because they only last a few hours, and you don’t have to hire a professional.

  2. Hosting giveaways

    Who doesn’t like free stuff? A very good social stunt is to host a giveaway where your giveaway swagger for free. Giveaways have a very good ROI because you can make people do certain things to enter the competition. A good example is asking people to share your post on their social media, thus increasing your reach effectively.

  3. Asking for customer feedback

    Ask for customer feedback on social media platforms and share this feedback as a dedicated post. Potential customers are more likely to shop at your business if they know you keep up with your customer base.

  4. Being active on social media

    One of the reasons why people are more likely to buy goods off Instagram is because individuals sell goods here, not corporates. By being active on social media using your business’ account, you can show potential customers that you are a living and breathing company. You can also take on a company mascot’s image, just like what Wendy’s did.

  5. Hosting events

    One of the biggest advantages that small businesses have gained over the past year is the ability to host virtual events. You don’t have to be all fancy and book expensive venues to host an event. Even if you do, events – both traditional and virtual, all have one thing in common: they keep you engaged with your customers and investors.

    Regularly host events and take feedback from your invitees to increase efficiency for your marketing.

  6. Making and giving away swag bags

    Swag bags are basically goods that have your company’s brand logos on them. More than 80% of Americans report that they would rather receive promotional products. The same statistics report that 50% of people use their swag items on a regular basis. This is all free marketing for your company.

  7. Create bite-sized video clips

    Long gone are the days of TV advertisements. Almost everyone uses social media platforms for watching videos these days. If you have to market using a video, keep your marketing videos to less than 30 seconds. Not only is this a cheap option, but you are also more likely to get the viewer to keep their attention on your propaganda.

In Conclusion

We hope that these social media marketing ideas will help you grow your SMB. Keep up with the trends and you should be able to take off in no time.