Shopify’s owner, Tobias Lutke created a documentary to pitch his service when his company was preparing for IPO.

Shopify’s documentary amazed everyone as it dug deep into the company’s history, objectives, and beliefs. The documentary was in the form of a story about a service that transformed how e-commerce functioned back then.

What Tobias did was pitch his service using a documentary. Similarly, you can also pitch your product using videos, documentaries, etc.

There are thousands of sales pitches tactics out there but below are the most helpful when it comes to crafting a perfect pitch video.

Taking Creativity to the Next Level

You do not need to hire a high-profile video maker or a huge budget to pitch your product using a documentary or video. You can delight viewers’ perspective even my making a short budget yet compelling pitch.

Shopify’s documentary is an inspiration because its brief, well-structured, and put the context of the customer before anything.

Start Your Pitch by a Natural Touch/Human Tone

You relate to the business owner’s personality, not the business empire that he has built. People will fall for your products in the pitch video if you add a human touch to it. Human touch is the reason your customers will stick around for long.

To make a natural video pitch:

  • Try not to mention your product in the first 20 seconds.
  • Give a summary of what you are going to discuss.
  • Give anecdotal details.

Create a Well-Structured Sales Message

Structuring your sales message in the pitch will make things a lot easier for the consumer or the viewer to digest the details. Follow a small-to-large structure. Let your sales message start from a single sheet. After that, you can eventually show your product or service a part of complex business operations.

Here are the following storytelling structures you can adopt for constituting a great sales message:

The list. This short video is a dynamic pitch to makes things a lot easier for the customers. It can be anything, from a five-step demo to ‘5 reasons to buy our product’.

The customer’s journey. In this video, a customer is portrayed as a hero setting out to discover new things. In short, it encourages customers to go for a change.

Sparklines. It is a pitch video all about contrast: a contrast of your life without the product and your life with product.

Kill All with Creativity

Fun graphics, personal touches, and pictures add the element of ‘wow’ in your presentation. Focus on minor details to show the customers that your brand or company is happy to serve them. Your pitch video should have tiny surprises to keep the viewers watching.

Here are the following tips you can use to increase creativity:

  • Play to your strengths.
  • Pay attention to the soundtrack at the back of the video.
  • Show off your work station.
  • Do not use old typical examples. Instead, find fresh examples.
  • If a graphic or joke is too hard for the audience to understand, remove it.

Final Words

Overall, pitching your products or services with a video has direct positive impact on your conversion rate.

The above-mentioned tips could help you through the initial stages but learning and implying do not ever stop. Create more video presentations to find out what works and whatnot, for your brand.