Your Facebook page is the hub of all community engagement. Whether you’re running a business or a dog page, organic reach is the key to growth. Organic growth is the best form of growth because you’re acquiring people who are truly interested in what you share. These people will often like and share your posts, sending a genuine response to your content and spreading that response with their friends.

So the main question is, how do you organically grow your Facebook following?

First and foremost, to grow your Facebook followers you need to post stuff that people want to see. Know your followers and interact with them. Far too many pages shove crappy content down their followers’ throats. They constantly sell products and courses which come off as spammy to genuine followers.

A simple method to grow your Facebook followers is to give people more of what they want. Look at the types of posts that generate the most engagement and find more ways to do more of what works. But also try new things like videos, photos, or content generated by your followers.

But be patient when growing your Facebook following. Organic growth takes time and is similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Remember that Facebook has algorithms designed to recommend your page and posts to users that don’t already like your page. You can manipulate these algorithms and learn how they work with Facebook Ads training.

Another way to grow your Facebook following is to do special events like giveaways. A giveaway stirs the pot and drives organic growth. An easy way to do a giveaway is to say “Like this page and tag 3 friends”. This forces people to tag their friends who might not already know about the page, then they tag their friends, and etc.

Many people don’t realize it, but a great way to grow your Facebook following is to spread the word that you have one. This includes talking to people offline and telling them to follow your page. Another form of spreading the word is promoting your Facebook presence on a personal blog or other social media accounts. This makes followers you might have on other platforms aware of your presence on Facebook. Maybe they find Facebook more convenient to use and so they might engage with your content more on Facebook when compared to other platforms.

Spreading the word also includes spreading the word on Facebook. Go into other Facebook groups and create helpful content that links back to your page. The more you interact organically, the higher the likelihood that people will visit your page. Providing value to others is the simplest way to grow your Facebook following.

Organic Facebook growth doesn’t come easily. It takes patience and a variety of methods. After implementing each method, be sure to track the results and react to what content performs best. Consider doing special events like livestreams or giveaways to get more organic interactions.