It is no secret that despite the growing marketing materials, email marketing is the most successful way to promote your brand and reach your target audience. It leads to the highest levels of conversion amongst all of the marketing materials available. However, standing out from the competition in your reader’s inbox can be an overwhelming task. You can increase your odds of success by creating a flawless design strategy.

So Why Is Design Important?

Design is the foundational break of building a brand. It sets your public image and perception and sexy apart from your competition. A brand can use design two bring out emotions and feelings from the customers. Thus, putting great time in effort into carefully planning your design is essential for your brand. One needs to make sure that the design strategy aligns with the image that they wish to portray to the world.

How do you create a great design for your company’s email newsletter? Here are 6 tips you can implement in your newsletter design.

  1. Create a responsive design

    While designing your newsletter template make sure that it is adaptable to all kinds of devices. Users from mobile phones, web browsers, and tablets. Your newsletter should have capabilities two adapt to these environments while giving the desired value to your readers. Responsive design can improve the customer experience, resulting in a favorable view of your brand and company.

  2. Define a hierarchy

    Creating a visual hierarchy in your email newsletter can help you organize and prioritize your content in a meaningful manner. with the use of basic design elements like positioning, font size, and color you can easily define what elements are more important than the others.

    If you have a goal of getting higher conversions through your newsletter, using a flashy CTA button with higher contrast colors will help you achieve your goal. This is the power of visual hierarchy in marketing materials like email newsletters. This step can help you create higher retention of important materials with your audiences.

  3. Design a simple and clean layout

    Flashy designs often get stale in no time. While creating your layout, make sure that your design is simple and timeless. This will allow your design investment to go a long way and also save on your time cost. From a reader’s perspective, a simple design is also considered easier to scan and thus boosts the number of people who consume your content. Such a design is also easier to maintain and manage.

  4. Choose your fonts wisely

    While creating a layout design, you should also define the fixed fonts that will be used for text. This allows your newsletters to be visually cohesive over time. There is no limit on the number of fonts you can use, however too many can cause chaos and give a cluttered feel to your material.

    Try choosing fonts that have a similar and simple look and feel to them. Some popular fonts for newsletters include Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Arial.

  5. Engage with multimedia

    Having a text-heavy email newsletter will not garner a lot of interaction and engagement from the readers. The use of vibrant graphics, images, embedded videos, and GIFs can lead to better results. A variety of media allows the reader to choose what they wish to consume.

    A new trend employed by many newsletters globally is the use of infographics to give out important information in a fun and engaging manner. This can also lead to higher retention and recall from readers.

  6. Keep it short

    While creating your content strategy, it is important to plan what material will you be sharing with the readers. You should stick to a few simple topics rather than trying to give information about everything possible. this will make your newsletter more digestible and will cater to the lowered attention spans in your audiences.

    You need to remember that your reader is flooded with various promotional newsletters with cluttered information, you have to create an edge for yourself by keeping it informational and interactive in a short manner.

8 Pitfalls to Avoid in Email Marketing

When you are finalizing the details for your newsletter, keep in mind that your primary objective is to grab the attention of readers and leave an imprint in their minds. This can be done by using a clean and simple design that is easy to scan and digest. Use our six steps to achieve success through your email newsletter and create an awesome newsletter that your readers cannot wait to receive.

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