With the growth of the technology the use of devices like mobile phones have become more and use of the Smartphone have also increased. The Smartphone have simplified our lives through different software applications. This calls for the latest and advanced software application for mobile phones. Many application development services have developed unique software for games, browsing, emails and more. This field is still growing and new applications are developed to ease the use of Smartphone making them more efficient and effective.

The demand for efficient mobile application is on great demand and IT companies are in to mobile application designs. The major platforms are android and iphone application services, windows, blackberry, symbian are to name a few. With the introduction of iphones which works well with the entire third party applications has paved the way for the various application development services. Hence people expect an efficient mobile application to do all the complex tasks faster and with maximum accuracy.

The android and iphone application services provided by many IT companies ensure that they are loaded with new and innovative features. These IT companies fetch the feedbacks of the customers to get an idea about the kind of application they are looking for as well as techniques to improve their application development services.

Irrespective of age, most of the mobile users like playing the games in the mobile phones. Also, it has been found that the majority of the mobile users download games on their phones. With the increase in the use of social networking, these are the sites that are secondly frequented by many people.  As per the market researchers, the demand for these mobile applications is expected to increase with each year.

This great demand has led to the growth of application development services so as to give the user freedom to choose mobile application as per the requirements. The demand for efficient mobile application design has also increased and has become more challenging than before. The giants offering various android and iphone application services like blackberry, Windows, symbian, etc has introduced their own development system and language, so as to remain in the competition. The main challenge they face is becoming a specialist in the UI designing and application development. The technology is changing with each passing day and so as to keep abreast with the others it is mandatory that they upgrade their knowledge and skill.