Lead generation is the process of fetching contact information of the prospect, adding it to sales funnel and finally converting a visitor into paying customer. But is your lead generation strategy is meeting your expectations? If not that it’s the time to figure out, why a major fraction of leads are going into garbage compactor. Let’s discuss some points to know, why your lead generation strategy is not giving heroic results, expected by you

Marketing and Sales Team Should Have Common Criteria for Quality Lead

Your company may have different criteria of quality leads, but if the sales and marketing team don’t agree on quality, there is a problem. Marketing team will continue to blame sales department for disregarding leads and sales will accuse marketing for providing bogus leads. The two teams will start disputing instead of working together.

Increase friendship between your sales and marketing team and make them agree on the definition of quality leads, so that everyone will be on the same page.

Is There A Bridge Of Trust Between Marketing And Sales Team?

If your marketing and sales team doesn’t have trust between them, then your business is in trouble. If you are getting complaints that ‘Sales are not doing proper follow up’ and ‘Marketing team is not creating resourceful leads’ than it’s the time to revise the overall marketing and sales strategy. Set a common goal and create an environment of collaboration instead of competition within the team. Mutual understanding is vital between both the teams. Marketing team should know the uniqueness of quality leads and sales team should follow those quality leads without any dispute.

It is the job of senior management to make a positive correlation of trust in both the teams for boosting B2B leads thereby maximizing conversion rate.

Bad Conversations

What happens when a customer contact your company over the phone? Are you turning your valuable customer with poor call experience? Solution for this is call intelligence. It can be used for testing sales script, checking the performance of sales rep and for understanding the concern of customer. All these information can be used to increase company’s performance.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

An SLA in an imperative part of an outsourced sales and marketing strategy, as it make sure that goal of all teams are aligned. It is just like setting a guideline for qualified leads, and other lead definitions which assist sales and marketing team and make them work under same rules. SLA makes formal guidelines which will be followed by each team member for sustained growth of the business.

Arrange a meeting with key players, marketing and sales team, CEO and create an SLA declaring the goals and need of the company. This may take time but it will save your future efforts and team disputes.

It is impossible to get company success without effective lead generation strategies and proper alignment of marketing and sales team. There is no profit in playing a blame game and moving company’s goal in a circle. If your lead generation strategy is broken, try to know the reason behind it and get it fixed.