There are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, and the average person spends about 3 hours on social media. With that being said, 73% of marketers believe that social media marketing is highl y effectivefor user engagement.

Social media marketing is one of the most convenient and quickest ways to reach your existing customers. Not only can you engage with them, but you can also speak to those who haven’t heard about your business and may be looking for a product or service that you sell.

What is social media engagement?

Social media engagement refers to the number of likes, comments, shares on a brand’s content. When it comes to marketing, user engagement is an important metric that impacts sales indirectly.

Why is social media strategy important for your small business?

Having a social media strategy allows you to talk, interact, and engage directly with your followers and customers. Rather than requesting a sale upfront, you can build strong brand-consumer relationships.

Tips to increase social media engagement

Building a social media strategy or improving social engagement does not have to be expensive. With these expert tips, any business, regardless of the size can drive sales, reach new markets, and build brand awareness.

1. Build a contingent strategy

Without a plan, there is no way you can achieve results. Set clear-cut objectives and goals using the SMART framework. If you are already using social media, conduct an audit to measure your existing efforts. After that, find out how your competitors are doing it.

Step back to audit your efforts helps you to walk on the right track. Find inspiration from the most successful brands worldwide. What are they doing wrong that you can use to your power?

The last step is to use the 80/20 rule when posting content to ensure you are posting at the right time and on the right platform.

2. Choose the right social media platform

Do not choose a platform on which you are comfortable to work on. Data suggests that 84% of the millennials still use Facebook. However, these demographics are just to help you start. You have to research to reach your target audience.

3. Acknowledge your audience

Use social media analytics to see who you are interacting with. It is necessary to micro-target your audience to boost quality engagement.

4. Ask questions to boost engagement

Open-ended questions are the best way to start a conversation with your followers. People with an interest in your brand are ready to answer you.

5. Focus on quality

Engagement does not necessarily translate to sales. However, it is best to micro-target the audience so you can entertain those who are genuinely interested in buying from you. Focusing on quality leads does not only drive traffic but generates revenue as well.

6. Keep the engagement times in check

Are you posting on Twitter and Facebook at the ideal time? Social insights help you know the best time to post (when the maximum number of people are online).

7. Add visual content

Instagram is a visual-driven channel, unlike Twitter. If you do not have a question to ask on Twitter, you can just switch to Instagram and upload a nice image representing your brand (relevancy is the key here).

8. Promote your social posts

Facebook and Instagram allow you to add a financial push to promote your posts. This way, the algorithm ensures that your posts are reaching the right people.

9. Reward followers

Giveaways are the best way to produce user-generated content for your social page. Call out the followers to submit their entries, ask them to follow you and then, spread the post.

10. Add value to each social post

Each question you ask or image you post should have a story behind it. When it comes to marketing, you need to showcase your brand values. You can teach them, inspire them, and even provide a source of entertainment to increase your post’s worth.

11. Do not think about yourself only

Your brand must be important for you but the audience needs something other than your promotion posts. To keep their interests, cover a wide range of niche-relevant topics.

Focusing on current topics, solutions and problems showcase that your brand has adequate knowledge of the industry.

12. Add the essence of video marketing

Video marketing quadruples the views because it is easier to know about the product than to read about it. Small businesses can beat large businesses with their creativity. Just grab a phone and record something interesting for your audience.

13. Share a survey or poll

To increase comments, share a survey or a poll on your story. It drives substantial and meaningful engagement because then you get to discuss all the suggestions, ideas, issues, complaints, and changes with them.

Final Thoughts

All these tips have the same meaning: to focus on your customers and followers online. Do your best to maximize engagement by offering users value and providing them with something beneficial for their businesses.