Lead generation is the marketing process that carries leads from brand awareness to purchasing or signing up. If a part of this process is not working, you will lose many leads, so it is essential to fix a broken lead generation strategy as soon as possible. How do you do that? Read on for some helpful tips.

Determine What is Not Working

You cannot fix a problem if you do not know what that problem is. Likewise, you cannot fix a lead leak if you do not know where the hole is. Do your research to determine where your leads are falling off.

  • Do you lose leads after the awareness phase?
  • Do they drop off during the nurturing period?
  • Are they clicking away during decision and action time?

When you learn exactly where the problem is, you know which part to focus on fixing.

Why Is It Not Working?

After you know where your lead leak is occurring, you have to determine why it is leaking.

  • Is it the words you use when trying to push your product or service?
  • Do you spend all of your time attracting the client but leaving them to fend for themselves through the rest of the sales funnel?

You have to make sure every part of the sales funnel is nurtured. It does not matter if you have a high closing or action stage if buyers never make it past the awareness or interest phase of the sales funnel.

Figure out what is going wrong at the drop off point. You may do this by gaining feedback from previous viewers or do a test run with new viewers. Research and learn what is wrong so that you can plug the leak.

Make Sure You are Attracting the Right Visitors

Let’s be honest: an impressive sales funnel from start to finish will not do any good if you are not attracting the right client from the beginning. One million clicks on your websites will amount to nothing if those one million people are not your target buyers.

If a company creates products for women but their marketing is somehow attracting men, a new marketing strategy is needed. Likewise, if your product is designed for really active outdoor-loving people, but only people who enjoy being at home are clicking on your ads, something is not right in the marketing content.

Pay attention to the analytics of the people who are checking out your content. If those people are not the ones you are aiming to reach, it is time to reconsider your lead generation strategy.

Focus More On Nurturing Leads

When you first begin dating someone, you are not very comfortable with one another yet. It takes time and effort to nurture the relationship to move to the next level. A relationship between business and client is the same way. The company has to put time and effort into building trust with its clients. If you do not nurture the relationship, it is not going to last. Be sure that your sales funnel is focusing on nurturing leads as much or more than it is attracting them.

Review your metrics and perform an honest assessment. Is your current strategy helping you meet your goals? If not, follow the tips above to fix your broken strategy and start generating better leads.