Whether you like it or not, your business’ tagline says a lot about your company and the services it offers. And it is for this reason that as a start-up entrepreneur, you should strive to create effective business taglines. And how can you achieve this? By following the tips below.

  1. Your Tagline Should Be Short and Simple

No one has the time to read a clumsy and bulky tagline because quite honestly, it won’t just make any sense. Why do you think the most popular taglines are always short and simple? Taglines like Nike’s “Just do it”, or McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It,” or what about KFC’s “Finger Lickin?” Just make it short and simple!

  1. Your Tagline Should Have a Connection

You don’t want to make a tagline that goes in contrary to what your business is about. For instance, creating a sport-like tagline for a business whose main service is in the aviation sector. In other words, your tagline should represent your company’s goals and services. For example, KFC’s tagline “Finger Lickin” portrays the sumptuousness of the chicken it produces, which will force their customers to lick their fingers after eating the chickens.

  1. Take Advantage of Your Upper Edge

To make an effective tagline for your business, try and include the very reason why you’re unique and what you think gives you an edge over the rest in your niche. In other words, if your hardware products are made from pure gold, while those of your competitors are made of silver, bronze or whatever, ensure that your tagline runs with something like your “home of golden hardwares”, or something like that. Just ensure that your upper edge is included in the slogan.

  1. Give Your Tagline a Timeless Image

When it comes to forming effective business taglines, one of the things you should avoid is in making a time-limited slogan. When you do that, your business stands the risk of fading away as time goes on. In other words, avoid taglines such as “best baker of the decade” because, after that decade, what next? Instead, go for taglines such as Rolaids’ “How Do You Spell Relief?” That is a timeless tagline.

  1. Your Tagline Should Focus On Your Audience

If you’re planning on expanding your business internationally, before making your tagline, take into consideration your global audience. This is important because your tagline in America, when translated could mean a whole different thing in another country. KFC was a victim of this negligence, when they launched their branch in China, and their tagline which reads “Finger Lickin” translated to “Eat Your Fingers Off.” So, take this into consideration before making your tagline, except you aren’t planning to expand.

  1. Give Your Tagline Its Democracy

Don’t just walk alone in the course of creating your tagline. Instead, send out surveys to your customers, asking them what they think would be the ideal tagline for your business. From these ideas, you’ll be able to come out with something more democratic, reflecting the interest of your business and the customers.

  1. Avoid Being Weird

Just because we said your tagline should be unique, doesn’t mean you should make one that is obscure. Your tagline should be simple and precise enough to give your readers the slightest idea of what your company is about, in just a single read. For instance, Cartoon Network’s tagline “The Best Place for Cartoons,” directly gives the impression that it is a cartoon based network.

In a nutshell, having an effective tagline is an important part of your business branding. With an effective tagline, your business will not only have a professional image but lure people into patronizing your services. So, meticulously follow the above tips, and watch your tagline transform your business into a multinational organization.