It can be tough for seasoned and novice advertisers to differentiate between display and search ads. The diversity in the online advertising era encourages us to consider many elements before reaching the target audience. However, maximizing your marketing efforts is only possible if you are working on both, search and display advertising channels.

Digital advertising is diverse and allows seasoned and expert advertisers to choose from countless ad formats to target and reach a new audience. But the rapidly changing dynamics of digital advertising often confuse the advertisers and they end up choosing the wrong or unsuitable network for driving sales.

Let’s find out the difference between the two disciplines of digital advertising so you could use the best industrial marketing strategy to drive sales.

Search Advertising vs. Display Advertising  – What are the differences?

Search advertising

One of the popular forms of PPC advertising is search advertising. The search network uses an auction-based model to display the ads below the organic search results. For instance, the ads you see on top of the first Google SERP are search ads. They appear immediately above or below the organic results whenever a user types a relevant keyword in the search bar.

Search ads seem relevant to spend on when:

  1. Your business has a small marketing budget

    Building and growing your brand through display advertising takes a larger budget as compared to search advertising. Moreover, it’s not set in stone to have a positive ROI after spending on display advertising.

    Search ads have higher conversion rates, which make them suitable for small-budget marketing campaigns.

  2. You cater to a local market

    If the people in your neighborhood are unaware of your brand, services, or products, you should start using search ads to create brand awareness in your locality. On the other hand, display advertising is great if you operate the business on a global level as they appear on website banners and emails headers.

  3. The product or service has a short sales cycle

    If your campaign does not focus on remarketing, it is best to use paid search ads. Companies with small budgets for marketing campaigns don’t spend on visitors who have already visited the website.

  4. Potential customers are in urgent need of your services

    Search advertising allows you to target people who are actively searching for your products or services.

Display advertising

Display advertising works very differently from paid search advertising, particularly because the network originated within the Google Ads interface.

Display advertising is all about using pushing ads and paid search advertising is all about pulling ads. Display ads appear on various targeting placements on the internet. On the other hand, search ads only appear to those who have searched for a relevant product or a keyword targeting the paid search ad. You can often see display ads in your email inbox or on the website banners.

Digital advertising is suitable for marketers who:

  1. Offer products and services with a lengthy sales cycle

    Display advertising is suitable for SaaS companies that are looking to score leads instead of making immediate sales.

  2. Cater to niche or luxury buyers

    Display advertising is targeted to prospects that spend more time on website pages than on search engines.

  3. Want to use photos and videos to promote their offers

    Display ads are suitable for companies that want to use photos, videos, or featured snippets in the advertising campaign.

  4. Are more focused on building brand awareness

    Pay-per-click ads are focused to create immediate brand awareness by increasing conversion and click-through rates.

How do Display Ads Work?

Display ads are posted on banners of the websites that sell space on top for advertising. A few years back display ads were posted due to direct relationships between the site owners and advertisers. As of now, the Google Display network segments them and presents ads to site owners as a package.

How do Search Ads Work?

While display ads show up across the internet, search advertising is limited to search engines only. Advertisers select a list of keywords relevant to the products they sell and bid them for their search ads. Whenever the users search for the phrases or keywords, the search ads appear on top of the results.

Final Thought

In addition to running a successful advertising campaign, you should optimize your website and content to rank higher in the SERPs.