According to statistical reports on VentureHarbour, “the marketing automation industry has skyrocketed from a $500m market to an expected $6.4bn in 2024″.

Furthermore, Salesforce’s State of Marketing Report explains that 67% of marketing leaders are already making use of a minimum of 1 marketing automation platform, and an additional 21% have made up their minds to begin making use of one.

Every year, the list of marketing automation software increases with new tools being featured each year. The implication of this is that users are beginning to find it hard to determine which platform is the best marketing automation software for them.

Thus, this article has been created to examine the several varieties of marketing automation services that you can select from. Enjoy!

What is Marketing Automation Software?

Marketing automation software is any platform that is involved in the automation of marketing decisions and roles. It helps to streamline marketing workflows and also determine what the results of marketing campaigns would be.

Marketing automation software is a tool that is engaged in effecting the central marketing database for every marketing data and communication logs.

In essence, marketing automation software assists business marketers to develop customized, sectionalized, and seasonable marketing experiences for customers and even potential customers alike.

These services offer automation functions across numerous aspects of marketing such as digital advertising, email, lead generation, social media, direct mail, and others.

Best Marketing Automation Software for 2020

  1. ActiveCampaign

    This is one of the best marketing automation software in 2020. It assists over 100,000 businesses across 170 countries to actively interact with their customers. It features more than 300 integrations. Other features that are offered to all kinds of businesses are default automation that incorporates CRM, email marketing, machine learning for effective harmonization, segmentation and customization across email, chat, social, text, and messaging.

    The pricing begins at just $9 per month and it is paid annually.

    Downsides: It has a busy dashboard. It does not have phone support and it has a relatively short free trial.

  2. Klaviyo

    This marketing automation software is responsible for supercharging the growth of advanced D2C brands like Huckberry, ColourPop, and Chubbies.

    Features: The creation of intensive, higher-value customer experience in a seamless manner. Other features include the delivery of more customized experiences across personal marketing mediums like SMS, web, in-app notifications, and email.

  3. SharpSpring

    This is another of the best marketing automation software that has vast functions, performance, and features.

    Features: Universal CMS compatibility, targeted email marketing, dynamic forms, social media management, third-party CRM integration, landing page and blog builders, and integration with multiple apps.

  4. Mailchimp

    This is a marketing automation software for small businesses. It assists small brands in their marketing techniques to achieve rapid growth.

    Features: The creation of targeted ad campaigns, sending marketing emails and automated messages, building landing pages, facilitation of reports and analytics, and sending postcards.

    Pricing: The entry-level price for Mailchimp is $0. However, the pricing can increase to $2,650 per month, depending on the size of your database.

    Downsides: Unlike other tools, it is not possible to track a user journey with MailChimp. Also, it can be a little elementary.

  5. Omnisend

    As a marketing automation software, Omnisend focuses on achieving high-growth for e-commerce businesses.

    Features: customer segmentation, advanced automation workflows, and multiple channels for interacting with customers through push notifications, email, Facebook Messenger, SMS, etc.

    Pricing: the entry-level price for Omnisend is $0 per month.

  6. RD Station

    Features: Managing and automation of digital marketing strategy, driving remarkable traffic, conversion of traffic into sustainable business opportunities, and influencing more sales.

  7. Marketo

    Features: Accumulation of customer data, creation of content, automation and analytics, efficiency and scalability, and other features that enhance interaction with customers in a personalized and measurable approach.

    Pricing: It starts at $895 per month.

    Downsides: It is not optimized for daily newsletters. Also, because its template builder can be clunky, you may need a team of stellar designers to code emails and deal with the interface.

  8. GetResponse

    This is a marketing automation software that allows a business to create content, maximize sales, and pull massive traffic to the website.

    Features: Landing pages that enable the automation of important tasks and launching of effective marketing campaigns, integrated email marketing, customizable template scenarios that do the coding work for you, and autoresponders. It also features advanced analytics that makes it easy to measure leads, ROI, conversions, etc.

    Pricing: It features a custom pricing plan. The entry-level price is however a 1-month free subscription plan.

    Downsides: First, there is no 24/7 phone support. Also, the templates need to be updated. And it has bare-bones analytics.

  9. Pardot

    This is a B2B marketing automation platform that enables marketing and sales teams to collaborate to find and nurture leads, seal more contracts, and get maximum return on their investment.

    Features: Lead scoring, lead nurturing, CRM integration, ROI reporting, tracking marketing ROI,  measuring the true ROR of your marketing endeavors, and email marketing.

    Pricing: The entry-level price for Pardot starts at $1,250 per month.

    Downsides: It comes with a high price that might be too much for smaller companies.

  10. Keap

    Keap helps entrepreneurs, start-ups, and large companies grow their businesses and deliver better service to their customers.

    Features: Organization of customer data and the automation of repetitive tasks.

    Pricing: the entry-level price for Keap begins at $79 per month.

  11. Thryv

    This is a platform that is designed to help small businesses achieve end-to-end customer experience.

    Features: Easy-to-use software, automatic generation of reviews, task automation, 24/7 availability, and accurate search results.

  12. Autopilot

    This is a marketing automation software that helps you to capture and convert new leads, communicate effectively with customers, and employ customer retention tactics.

    Features: integration with common tools (like Facebook, Slack, Salesforce, Typeform, Zapier, Segment, and Twilio), centralization of data to create a personalized experience, follow up with new contacts, and automation of marketing processes.

    Pricing: the entry-level price starts at $49 per month.

  13. Drip

    This is the world’s first ECRM (an e-commerce CRM) that has been created to develop intimate and beneficial relationships with your customers.

    Features: Vast email marketing automation, hyper-segmentation, and comprehensive tracking.

    Pricing: the entry-level price starts at $122 per month

  14. Exponea

    Exponea is a marketing automation software that assists businesses in converting visitors into loyal customers by creating excellent customer experiences through useful and constant communication.

    Features: Personalization at scale, advanced machine learning technology, usage of predictive analytics and real-time analytics, fast integration, and fast response time (below two minutes).

  15. ManyChat

    If you are looking for the best Chat Marketing in the world, then ManyChat is the software for you.

    Feature: The development of complete automation sequences to help reach your customers across several platforms.

    Pricing: The entry-level price is $0.

  16. Sendinblue

    This platform is useful for the automation of marketing and sales processes in no time.

    Features: Lead scoring to track customers through the buying process and advanced workflows.

    Pricing: The pricing starts at $0 for the entry-level price.

    Downsides: The basic templates need to be improved. Also, the initial account setup can be tedious.

  17. Iterable

    This is a growth marketing software that helps businesses to develop, implement, and enhance campaigns in order to achieve global-class customer engagement via SMS, email, in-app, push, and many more.

    One of the most impressive features of this software is the ability to deploy cart abandonment campaigns to achieve higher checkouts. It also features vast re-engagement to retain customer loyalty. Furthermore, it features useful cross-channel messaging that helps to drive user activation, nurture, and reactivation.

  18. Emarsys

    This is a platform that serves as the only omnichannel customer engagement platform that helps digital marketing enthusiasts and company managers to fast track business outcomes. Its most dominant feature is the personalized omnichannel experiences that it gives to the customers.

  19. Listrak

    This is another valuable player in the cross-channel marketing industry.

    Features: leading-edge behavioral marketing solutions, effective email, and SMS.

  20. MoEngage

    MoEngage is recognized as an intelligent customer engagement software that has been designed for the mobile-first world.

    Features: Ad re-targeting, web push, SMS, On-site messages, in-app, and other hyper-personalization at scale across several other channels.

  21. WebEngage

    This is full-stack marketing automation and customer data platform that enable client brands to accrue higher revenue from their present customer base.

    This platform utilizes highly contextual and personalized user engagement means through mediums such as SMS, WhatsApp, In-app messages, email, Facebook, mobile and web push notifications, and web overlays.

    Features: WebEngage includes smart segments, intelligent user profiles, data-based user insights.

  22. Optimove

    The basic goal of Optimove is to help customer-oriented brands to achieve measurable progress by autonomously transforming customer data into actionable insights.

    Features: A unique technology that helps to enhance customer experience, measurement, and optimization of highly personalized multi-channel campaigns, and smart orchestration.

  23. Leadsquared Marketing Automation

    Basically this is an end-to-end marketing automation software that helps to build solid relationships with potential customers.

    Features: Activity and social tracking, stimulated engagement via channels and devices (phone calls, messages, emails, portals, texts, social, etc.), prescriptive insights across lead sources, lead capture, and system connected to a single front-end for all marketing, engagement and conversion activities.

    Pricing: it begins at $20 per month. Billing is done annually.

  24. VBOUT

    This is a marketing automation software that provides several tools and functionality to assist businesses in the centralization and automation of their tasks in a simple and intelligent manner.

    Features: In-depth native analytics and user tracking, visual customer experience development, social media management, and email marketing tools, and easy drag-and-drop landing pages and forms.

    Pricing: The entry-level price is $100 per month.

  25. EngageBay

    This is a marketing automation software for small businesses and startups. It is an easy, cost-effective, all-in-all CRM and marketing automation software that helps to generate, engage, retain web visitors, and eventually convert them into satisfied customers.

    Features: Leads acquisition via lead generation forms and pop-ups, web visitors engagement via captivating landing pages, lead tracking and customer conversion via a default CRM system, and marketing funnel automation via marketing automation.

  26. Aritic PinPoint

    This is a full-stack automation platform that helps digital businesses with service desk application, full-stack marketing automation, CRM application, business automation stack, and communication automation.

    Features: Email marketing, a/b testing, landing page builder, marketing campaign builder, library management, lead scoring, website tracking functions (with marketing file), lead tracking, email marketing automation, and lead nurturing.

    In addition, Aritic PinPoint is also known to natively integrate with SugarCRM, Zoho CRM, Salesforce, and social mediums like Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Facebook.

  27. Sailthru

    This is a CM Group brand that uses its powerful suite of connected capabilities to assist contemporary marketers to increase their revenue, enhance customer experience, and reduce churn.

    Features: Personalized engagement across all channels, website personalization, unique integration to generate new customer base, machine learning and first-party data, mobile marketing automation, and highly effective emails.

    Downsides: It is good for retaining customers but not for making new ones. Also, it is not built as an acquisition tool; it is more of an engagement tool.

  28. Best Marketing Automation Software for Small business

  29. Infusionsoft

    Infusionsoft is now known as Keap. It has been around for about a decade and a half now. It has helped many marketers to deliver on leads, revenue, and customer generation goals. (Keap has been explained above. Refer to it for all the necessary information about Infusionsoft).

    Pricing: It starts at $199 per month.

    Downsides: according to some users, it has an inefficient email template builder and reporting system.

  30. HubSpot

    Without doubts, HubSpot is one of the best marketing automation software that drives business growth.

    Features: Tools for inbound marketing campaigns, a powerful free CRM, Service Hub, Marketing Hub, and Sales Hub.

    Pricing: The entry-level price for HubSpot begins at $0.

    Downsides: It lacks effective SEO. It also has limited workflows.

  31. Salesfusion

    Salesfusion is now known as Sugar Market. This is because it has been acquired by SugarCRM in May 2019.

    Features: Built-in ad and social tools to drive more web traffic, intuitive builders to create professional campaigns, personalized emails, and lead scoring, advanced analytics to measure ROI, etc.

    Pricing: The core package is $950 per month, and the performance pack is +$350 per month.

  32. Act-On

    Act-On is popularly credited as the number 1 leading growth marketing automation company. Basically, it helps businesses to take automation and customer engagement to another level. That is lifetime customer value optimization.

    Features: Segmentation, a complex suite of marketing automation applications, automated scoring, productive email messaging, effective landing pages, personalized communications, accelerated conversions, and interactive and dynamic reporting and analytics.

    Other advanced features are:

    • Inbound tools for highly effective SEO
    • Active contact-based pricing for actual usage billing
    • Advanced tools for blog integration
    • Effective Google Asked AdWords tracking
    • Website visitor tracking, activity, and intent reporting.
    • Event-stimulated and transactional emailing

    Pricing: the entry-level price starts at $900 per month.


    • It is highly expensive.
    • Also, the Functionality designed to drive cross-channel intelligence is only available in a higher-priced tier.

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Benefits of Marketing Automation Software

  • Better Personalization to Increase Your Customers’ Lifetime Value

    Most people think marketing is all about getting more and more new customers. On the contrary, marketing automation software helps to enhance personalization so that your existing customers are actively involved, and they spend more throughout their lifetime with your business.

    This is because marketing automation software helps to impact customer retention strategy so that your customers will continually pay more attention to your brand.

    How does marketing automation software increase customers’ lifetime value? Whenever customers and subscribers become inactive, they enable the automation of feedback, reviews the request, stimulating re-engagement campaigns, and sending of special offers to high spending sects.

    Consequently, these strategies will help to boost your business relationship with your customers and then maximize their lifetime value with your brand.

  • It Provides Access to Insightful Customer Information

    Marketing automation software does this by helping you to increase the scale and scope of your marketing tactics. After all, it has been reported that manually created emails are less efficient compared to more effective automated email campaigns.

    Therefore, marketing automation expands your campaign scalability in order to get access to more valuable customer data. The more access you have to customer data, the higher the chances of increasing your revenue at every stage of the purchase cycle.

  • Creating a Better Customer Experience

    Indeed, anyone of the benefits of marketing automation software is that it gives you an opportunity to provide your customers with an enhanced experience. How is this possible? Well, marketing automation technology enables an individual to send emails that stimulate certain behaviors.

    These well-constructed campaigns are automatically delivered to customers whenever they exhibit certain behaviors. Examples of the actions could include shopping cart abandonment, signing up for your business emails, or checking out some particular items.

    Therefore, when you integrate this feature with website personalization, you are able to generate highly customized customer experience, thanks to behavioral stimulated emails. Of course, when you create a better customer experience, you make more money!

  • Enhancement of Effective Lead Nurturing

    Do you know that when you automate your marketing processes, your sales process becomes better efficient and effective? Consequently, you will be able to cut down on the time it takes for a prospective lead to become a customer.

    In addition, marketing automation allows you to quickly follow up with every solid lead with delay. Regardless of the time or season, your marketing automation software will always be hard at work even when you’re probably enjoying a summer vacation.

  • Workflow Efficiency

    Marketing automation software help to enhance workflow efficiency by boosting the ROI on staff costs. This is because you would no longer need to hire staff to carry out repetitive marketing tasks.

    By doing this, you are streamlining your team and reducing unnecessary costs that would have otherwise been spent on staff management.

    Workflow efficiency, therefore, becomes achievable because your streamlined team is better positioned to concentrate on high priority tasks.

    They are able to channel their energy and expertise to the projects that bring the most value to your organization. Ultimately, workflow efficiency will be achieved.

How to Choose the Best Marketing Automation Software?

  1. Cost

    Indeed, the first thing to consider in determining the best marketing automation software for you is pricing. A lot of platforms offer features that seem mind-blowing.

    However, when you finally decide to make a payment, you will realize that there are several hidden charges that you were not informed about beforehand. These hidden charges are usually for extra features or customer services.

    Also, you have to understand that certain vendors will charge you per number of contacts and/or per the number of emails you send out. It is also pertinent to understand that the cost of some vendors will seem affordable at first.

    However, after the first few months, they will provide revised rates for the rest of your subscription. This is why it is necessary that you really consider the specifics of your subscription cost before selecting just any marketing automation software.

    We recommend that the best marketing automation software for you should be free of hidden fees. You may have to let go of any service that does not state exclusively if you will be required to pay for any additional features.

  2. Company Size and Scalability

    Another factor you have to consider before selecting a marketing automation provider is the size of the organization. This is because the company size also influences the pricing plans that most marketing automation software vendors will offer to you.

    Hence, if you are working on a small scale and your workload does not exceed a thousand leads per month, then you do not have to subscribe to a huge service plan.

    In fact, we recommend that you negotiate with the software providers to create a personalized software version for your business if they do not have any subscription that is sized perfectly for your company.

    On another hand, scalability is another factor that should be considered when considering the right marketing automation software for your business. Without doubts, it is the aim of every business owner to continually grow their business.

    This is why it is recommended that you select a marketing automation software that has the capability to grow with you. Thankfully, a lot of vendors provide solutions based on the software as a service (SaaS) model. This will entail you paying for online access to the system and the number of users that were added or processed through it.

    It is awesome that these advanced features do not necessitate you to download any software or install any new hardware to manage additional users.

    This is exactly the reason why they are most suitable for scalability functions. In essence, be sure to negotiate with your marketing automation provider on a deal that does not hinder your ability to scale indefinitely.

  3. Feature set

    According to reports conveyed in research carried out by Nuclear Research, marketing automation can help a business to boost sales productivity by 14.5%. This is why it is highly essential that you are very smart in selecting a marketing automation software that has the best set of features. A good marketing automation software should be able to provide the following indispensable features:

    • Generation of landing page
    • A/B testing
    • Automation of social media
    • Wide email marketing assistance
    • Analytics
    • A central, customizable, and all-inclusive dashboard.
    • Articulation of customer experience and creation of workflow
    • Useful contact management features and/or integration with your enterprise CRM.
  4. CRM Integration

    Before selecting any marketing automation software, make sure it has the ability to integrate your marketing automation tool with your CRM. This is essential because integrating a marketing automation platform with a CRM will bring about abundant benefits to your business outcomes.

  5. API access

    Usually, a lot of marketing automation software providers will enable several third-party integrations automatically. However, it will be an able extra advantage if they expose the platform’s API for you.

    By so doing,  your developers will be able to incorporate integrations with any other software that the provider does not have default integration support for.

  6. Customer Support

    Indeed, this is a factor that can’t be compromised especially when you have to consider in your search for the best marketing automation software provider. Typically, a lot of the best marketing automation software is straightforward and simple to operate.

    However, there are instances where there may be complexities or unprecedented setbacks that may arise from time to time.

    This is why it is necessary that whichever service provider you choose will provide high-quality customer support service with a high response time.

    Tip: be sure to check that their hours of operation do not collide with yours. Also, confirm that they provide support through several mediums such as email, land-line, support tickets, and others.

  7. Customer Feedback

    Customer feedback is essential when searching for the best marketing automation software. This means you have to go through the customer reviews of their previous clients, the testimonials, etc. This is because no other person can give you a firsthand exposition of the platform than those who have actually paid and used it before.

    In addition, we recommend that you discuss with partners and other individuals in the same field to get now knowledge regarding their experience with a particular platform.

  8. Training

    Yes, a lot of marketing automation software tools are easy-to-use. Nonetheless, this does not negate the fact that your team will still need to get a certain level of training in order to adapt to the software. Therefore, it is recommended that you inquire if formal training will be added to your subscription.

    If it’s not, then ask if it can be included. The reason why this is important is that for you to unlock the maximum potentials of a marketing automation software, it is key that every member of your staff is comfortable with it.


Selecting the best marketing automation software for your business can be quite a complex task. You do not know what you are going to get unless you do your thorough research.

The world is rapidly developing, and many businesses are already leveraging on the abundant benefits of marketing automation software. What are you waiting for?