Today, many people give credit to catchy memes, captivating social media posts, and fast-tip videos. However, it is pertinent to reveal that email marketing strategies continue to be one of the most effective marketing tools employed by large and multinational organizations. While some of the email marketing strategies utilized in the last 10 years may no longer be useful, we have compiled a list of highly effective email strategies that supersede the conventional techniques that have been employed in the last decades.

What is an email marketing strategy?

An email marketing strategy involves the optimization of certain marketing tactics so as to capture the interest and attention of the targeted users by sending specific, interactive, and useful emails to prospective and existing customers.

Best Email Marketing Strategies

  1. Know your target audience
    The first step in executing your email marketing strategies is to determine who your target customers/audiences are. It is necessary for you to do your research to find out who your target customers are and how your content can interest them and generate positive responses from them. The key here is to place a specific priority on prospective customers who may have looked up your brand online and existing users who are already patronizing your business and subscribed to your accounts on social media.
  1. Quality content is key
    Providing your users with premium content is the next effective email marketing strategy. Many marketers who implement email marketing strategies have not really considered the quality of the content they deliver to their customers. However, doubling down on quality content could be the game changer for your business in 2021.
  1. Let your subject lines do the talking for you
    Research has shown that an estimate of 47% of customers read an email due to the subject line. The more captivating your subject lines are, the higher the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy.The subject line element is crucial because it forms the initial impression your email would pass to the readers. To create captivating subject lines, follow the tips below:

    • Use brief and concise subject lines
    • Benefit-driven subject lines have a better chance of influencing the audience
    • Tactics like “Discount sales” or “Promo offers” also have a big impact on the audience.
    • Employ the first-person narrative and try to be as interactive as you can.
    • Construct your subject lines to create a sense of inquisition, urgency, necessity, and anxiety in your audience.
  1. Interactiveness of your content
    Interactivity always prompts a response. This year, the most effective email marketing strategies that would be successful would be the ones that interact with your users directly. This is crucial to prevent the audience from ignoring the content of your emails. Truly, some individuals lack the understanding that in implementing email marketing strategies, getting a higher click rate and conversion is more important than focusing on the bulk distribution of emails. Below are some useful email marketing strategy tips that can help you to initiate interactivity with your particular consumers:

    • Do not discard the power of call-to-actions. It is advisable to end your email with a CTA that directs your audience to your website through a link.
    • Leverage user-generated interactive content like surveys and polls.
    • Let your readers know you would be glad to receive their feedback and reviews. Put a link that directs them to your feedback page.
    • Add animated buttons and links to enable your defined users to contact the customer service team or visit your webpage directly.
  1. Mobile-friendliness
    It is necessary that you take into consideration the fact that the larger percentage of today’s users access their emails via their mobile devices and phones. This is why you need to make sure your email marketing content is as mobile-friendly as possible when designing it. When you do this, you will observe a higher rate of engagement and clicks on your website. Below are some tips to ensure the mobile-friendliness of your emails:

    • Allow your email marketing tools to be compatible with mobile templates
    • Add sign-up forms that are mobile-friendly
    • Keep your subject lines relatively brief for mobile-based emails.
  1. Avoid spamming
    Avoid spamming your defined audience. Spamming your customers will not only push them away but also redirect your emails to the trash folder.
    Email Marketing Strategies
  1. Dynamic content
    Dynamic content is a unique method that enables you to update the content when your email is opened. A lot of email marketing strategies fail to incorporate this tactic. Some practical ideas to consider include:

    • Filmographic such as the industry type, work address, and company name.
    • Basic details such as age, interests.
  1. Use artificial intelligence
    In this modern age and technology-driven world, artificial intelligence has become an indispensable component to accomplish an effective email marketing strategy. The use of artificial intelligence in emails makes it possible to achieve smarter email automation.
  1. Conduct A/B tests
    Running A/B tests on your email campaigns is becoming more essential to spend the most creativity and time on content your target audience wants to read.
  1. Customization
    Customized emails will prioritize the demographics and needs of your target audience. Segmenting your audience will help you to create customized emails.


You can rely on our list of effective email marketing strategies to boost your overall brand awareness in 2021. If implemented in the recommended and proper ways, the email marketing strategies above are undoubtedly a game-changer. However, be sure not to abuse this relatively comfortable and cost-effective strategy to communicate with your users and spam them with emails. Your emails will only end up in the trash can if you do this. Make the most of the many potential benefits in these email marketing strategies, and you are guaranteed to witness growth in your business.