For most of the people social media is about building  relationship and  social media as means to increase sales is still in its nascent stage. It’s been widely believed that for business lead generation social media has not been so efficient. It is now time to realise that social media can aid to increase sales.

The B2B lead generation is made possible with social media, the widely accepted and used social media network sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. The use of social media in leads can be very crucial when it comes to lead generation process.

  1. Social media marketing a great means of lead generation:

According to market researchers, about 77 percent of B2B marketers use Facebook as one of the effective ways of lead generation sales. It is the best way to provide information and spreading news among a targeted group of audience. The contents and news about the products and services can be spread to the interested people through posts on these networking sites. An important means to increase the leads using social media is to developed variety contents that will hold the attention of the customers for a long time. Also creative use of keywords as well as call to action kind of business lead generation is needed to engage the interest of the potential clients.

  1. Facebook can be used as a medium to promote the brand:

Facebook is one of largest social media network used by many people.  Hence the posts on this social media can engage the attention of audience. The increase in lead generation can be estimated with the number of Facebook likes and shares which is a great way for B2B companies to find the prospect clients.

  1. Twitter the medium in the lead generation process:

B2B marketers can use Twitter as mode to identify quality leads. It has been found that using Twitter the companies can understand the market trend as well as contributing enough for lead generation sales.

  1. Using the LinkedIn connections in B2B lead generation:

LinkedIn gives the B2B marketers a better insight into the customers’ contacts, as the B2B is largely dependent on the contacts one has. Hence here one can get a personal introduction from the contacts which can boost the sales.

  1. Creating brand awareness through social media can be easy:

The B2B marketers constantly monitor the social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to under the negative feedbacks about their competitors as well as the customer needs and requirements. Here they clearly understand the importance of social media in B2B. Creating brand awareness, building loyalty is so easily achieved with the social media.

So as to achieve a quality in lead generation the marketers should listen to the audience and always monitor the keywords used in the content generated. Social media is about connecting with people and spreading a word about the products and services.