Most of the marketers follow appointment setting strategy for fixing a meeting between company and potential buyers to increase conversion rate. Job of appointment setters is very tough as they need to deal with several customers for generating leads. Sometimes a setter becomes burden on a prospectus and this happens due to failure in convincing them for meeting. There is a huge difference between offering services to the customers and compelling them about upcoming meeting. Neither you nor your client would appreciate constant reminders, meeting dates in busy schedule and uncomfortable venues for meeting. Let’s see what steps have to be followed for efficient working of appointment setting.

  • Reminder: A setter needs to understand that a reminder should not be disturbing and repetitive. You should understand and respect the privacy of a customer. Constant reminding enhances the chance of losing a prospect. Keep a track of date when the appointment was set and fix the meeting. Asking client about the best time and date to contact him is a good idea of maintaining a healthy relationship between you and client. It is not recommended for a setter to compel decision maker, instead ask him about right time to contact and the time you can call again.
  • Suitable dates: Dates should be according to customer’s convenience. It should be at a time when customer is free and ready to attend the meeting. Make sure that you pay extra attention in fixing the date. It should not be a burden for the customer. Apart from fixing date for a customer, a representative should be flexible in his own schedule. Plan a meeting when the customer is not busy irrespective of your busy time. Reminding a customer at a suitable time and date is a good way of winning customer’s heart. This reflects your skills of handling buyers efficiently.
  • Appropriate Venue: Everything which is decided with the customer will be according to his convenience. If the venue decided by you is far from the reach of buyer, he will straight away dismiss appointment. Ask customer the best place where he can come for meeting and fix that place right away. Keeping customer on priority is the most imperative aspect of any appointment setting company for enhancing count of leads.

Even after following above points rigorously, if you are afraid that the prospect may cancel the deal. Try to know the reason for the same through different channels like social media and other marketing strategies. Educate the customer that how your services will be fruitful in their business for keeping them ahead. Distinguish your brand and explain how it is different from others.Plan your B2B Appointment Setting Services for proper engagement and connection with the customer. This will lead you ahead of your competitors as you will give proper support to your clients by scheduling the meeting according to their date, time and venue. Make your appointment setting work easy and enjoyable, by keeping your clients happy and satisfied.