As marketing strategies rapidly change, what are the best practices to think about in 2018?

Marketing strategies are constantly evolving and rapidly changing so it can be difficult for marketers to keep up with the constant changes. It is essential to stay up-to-date with evolving B2B marketing strategies, though, in order to stay relevant in our fast-paced world but where can you look to learn the newest B2B marketing strategies? Here of course!

Here are six B2B marketing strategies to think about in 2018. It is essential that you stay up-to-date with the most effective strategies, so you can maintain your competitive edge. So, here are some important B2B marketing trends to watch out for.

#1 Email Automation

Some marketers may think that emails aren’t very effective anymore but that isn’t true. An effective email automation program can increase your sales by an average of 10%. Email automation is an effective B2B marketing strategy because it allows you to send messages to specific customers at designated times, often based on their website behavior. Email automation programs typically send emails to customers at key points of engagement to help nudge them further down the sales funnel. It’s also a low effort way to turn leads into customers and once you’ve created an email flow, email automation will offer you clear and consistent communication with your clients, while also eliminating the need to create time-consuming, individualized messages.

#2 Visually Appealing Marketing

It’s understandable that if you’re shoveling out big bucks for brochures or a billboard, you want to fill the space with every detail possible. This is a mistake, though, as more is rarely better when it comes to marketing. Instead, try taking a step back and consider the shortest, most effective message you want your potential customers to receive. By making your marketing messaging touch on a few key points, you’ll create clear communication that will be much more effective.

#3 Well-Maintained CRM Software

When creating an effective B2B marketing strategy for your business needs, it is essential to really know your customers. The best way to achieve this understanding is to keep your CRM software well-maintained. Your CRM software is only useful as long as you keep your lists well-maintained, you ensure that all information is up-to-date, your campaigns are labeled accurately and clearly, your data is standardized across the board, and you perform regular audits for data quality. When your list is clean and concise, you can then begin to send much more targeted campaigns to prospects at all stages of the sales funnel.

#4 Well-Informed, Straightforward Messaging

When it comes to B2B marketing, your audience already knows the products and services they need, so your messaging and content must be well-informed and straightforward. Stay away from publishing articles and social media posts that include clickbait type titles and instead focus on high-quality

content. When you publish high-quality, detail-oriented content, you’ll better prove your value to industry leaders.

#5 Sales & Marketing Teams Working Together

In order to ensure that your B2B marketing strategy is effective, your sales and marketing teams need to work together. There was once a time when these two departments worked separately but that has changed, as marketers have become much more involved in the sales process. Make sure that all members of these two teams are on the same page when it comes to your company’s mission statements, messaging, and public goals. Also, take the time to ensure that everyone is trained properly so when they’re asked, they can give a clear explanation about the what your company does and why it exists.

#6 ROI for Your Clients

As a B2B company, your role is to sell products and/or services that help other businesses run more efficiently. Don’t be afraid to showcase how your product or service can achieve this efficiency or how it can save your customers time and money. Also, try showcasing what a return on investment in your company will look like to your customers. Repeat customers are essential to B2B businesses, so follow-up and examine the return you provide for your clients. This will not only guarantee that your customers are satisfied but also create case studies that will drastically improve your B2B marketing strategies.