Just like other industries, online marketing is also an attractive field for fraudsters. Over time, it has become the biggest challenge to cope with for digital marketers. However, the availability of fraud detection tools has brought some ease in marketers’ life in this regard.

What is Ad Fraud?

Ad fraud is an attempt to defraud the network of digital advertising for financial gain. Ad fraudulent usually use bots for ad fraud. However, there are various other factors as well that can lead to ad fraud. Some of the common ad fraud types include:

  • CTIT anomaly and Click injection
  • Click Spamming
  • SDK Spoofing
  • Incent abuse
  • Device Farms
  • Bots

List of Ad Fraud Detection Software and Services

  1. Performcb

    Performcb offers some excellent ad fraud protection features. Most importantly, the company offers its services based on a pay-for-results model. So, it will let you grow your business while protecting your ad spend effectively.

  2. ADEX

    ADEX is a popular anti-fraud solution. This tool is used to analyze about 2 million ad traffic every minute. This tool can show you a real-time fraud detection report. Even more, the report will let you identify fraud, bots, and invalid traffic draining your online advertisement.

  3. Fraud Score

    This tool thoroughly analyses data of both web and mobile traffic to ensure these are coming from legitimate sources. For a mobile app developer or marketer, Fraud Score is the best ad fraud detection solution to consider.

  4. Aragon Premium

    Aragon Premium is one of the fastest-growing mobile marketing agencies. It also features ad fraud detection services. The team here also maintains multiple programmatic channels. It also works to reach your target audience and keeps you from ad frauds in the best possible way.

  5. Singular

    Singular is also a unified marketing analytics tool that offers seamless ad fraud protection services also. So, you can easily keep your advertising budget more focused on the quality of traffic with its top-notch fraud prevention methods.

  6. Branch Metrics

    Even more, branch Metrics feature a sophisticated approach to ad fraud detection. It is because the tool leverages an advanced global identity network to detect ad fraud more effectively.

  7. Machine Advertising

    So, Machine Advertising offers a fraud detection tool for click protection. This can help in finding fake clicks on your ads. Even more, it can let you know the clicks that are actually from the human. It is because a click from anything else will be a fraud. While Machine advertising can protect you from that.

  8. Adjust

    Adjust is also a B2B SaaS company providing its services globally. The platform of Adjust provides various services including fraud detection. All these products together can make marketing easier for you.

  9. Ad Pushup

    Do you want effective ad revenue optimization? Ad Pushup is one of the best ad-fraud protection tools you can consider to ensure the highest quality traffic. Even more, it will provide you with enhanced safety because the tool is compliant with Google Privacy.

  10. mFilterIt

    mFilterIt is providing a more efficient way to add trust to your digital marketing campaigns and make the most out of your advertising budget. It can let you become a smart digital marketer with its complete fraud detection suite.

How to Choose the Right Fraud Detection Software?

When it comes to choosing the best ad fraud detection software you must consider the following features it:

  • Automation level
  • Self-learning capabilities and comprehensiveness
  • Easier integration
  • Security features
  • Customer support services
  • Customer’s feedback
  • Cost of tool

All of these features can let you make a better choice easily.

Final Thought

So, here you get to know essential features and the best ad fraud detection tool. Now you are all set to choose the right tool for you to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising budget more effectively.